About Us

Yale UNICEF is comprised of Yale students with a wide array of backgrounds, interests, and talents—all of whom are united by their love for children.

​Yale UNICEF is a member group of the United Nations International Children’s Fund Campus Initiative that aims to raise awareness about children’s issues—including poverty, development, safety, rights, health, education, and inclusion in their communities; additionally, Yale UNICEF strives to contribute to efforts made on behalf of children both locally and internationally. Yale UNICEF hopes to inspire and empower members of the Yale community by providing them with both opportunities and tools to engage in student leadership, activism, and community service work on behalf of children worldwide.

The Yale UNICEF Board, 2013-2014


Executive Board

President: Miranda Rizzolo
Senior Advisors: Nell Meosky and Paul Rizk
Conference Director: Azzah Hyder
Events Director: Saif Islam
Funding Director: Russ Egly
Speaker Directors: Mahbuba Tusty

Associate Board

Conference Coordinator: Will Ge
Events Coordinators: Sarah Merchant, Neha Anand, and Christine Tsai
Publicity Coordinator: Tanaz Meghjani
Member-at-Large: Christina Kim


Special Thanks to all other Yale UNICEF General Body Members